Welcome to Question Week

It seems we never have time to step back and ask the kind of
big, beautiful questions we should be asking—
in our businesses, our schools, our daily lives.


With that in mind, Warren Berger (author of A More Beautiful Question), in partnership with
leading organizations and programs focused on questioning, is sponsoring
QUESTION WEEK (running from March 13 to March 19 in 2016 with a nod to master questioner Albert Einstein’s birthday on Monday, March 14),
designed to raise awareness of the power and value of questioning.

Questioning shouldn’t begin and end with one week, though.

On this site, you’ll find resources to help you (and your students, co-workers, or family & friends) better understand, appreciate, and practice good questioning all year long.

Read this Storify overview of the tweets and question-sharing activities that took place in 2015,
and also
those in 2014.

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Question Week Partners

Check out these great organizations and programs, all dedicated to questioning.
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Questioning Exercises

Try these in the classroom, at your company, or at home.
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Test your I.Q. (Inquiry Quotient) skills

Think you’re already a good questioner? See where you rank.
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Why Questioning Matters in Education

And why we should make sure our kids have more questions than answers.
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Questions and Success in Business

Why more companies are realizing the value of creating a “culture of inquiry.”
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Stories of Beautiful Questions

Many a great venture and breakthrough have started with a beautiful question.
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Einstein and Questioning

Exploring the inquiring mind of one of our greatest thinkers.
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Talking Points

Tips for Asking Better Questions

What separates *great* questioners from the rest? 8 things that they do...
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Questioning Quotes Gallery

What Anne Frank, Walt Disney, and 60+ others have said about questioning.
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Read More About It

Great new books and articles all about curiosity and questioning.
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Question Songs

A playlist of more than 50 pop songs with question themes.
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A More Beautiful Question 

Learn more about the book and blog that started all of this.
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