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We invite you to conduct live questioning activities during Question Week! We’ll be adding more info about question-storming after February 1, so come back to this site for ideas. And if you have any plans or ideas of your own please share them in the comments below or by contacting us.

Each of the below links include different exercises for better using questioning in your life.

Ways to encourage kids to keep questioning and get even better at it





Moving from Hard Questions (re: communities, social justice, diversity, etc.) to Big Questions

Most of us don’t think in terms of finding Big Questions. Rather, first we find Issues in our lives. Here’s how to move from the hard questions that issues bring up to Big Questions that allow us to discuss thorny topics and understand others and ourselves better.

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How to take uninspiring statements and turn them into powerful questions


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How asking “Why?” five times can lead to an epiphany



Want a better answer? Learn to ask these 3 questions



Ask these 8 questions to find your passion

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