In March, we celebrated our 7th annual Question Week! 

It seems we never have time to step back and ask the kind of big, beautiful questions we should be asking—in our schools, our businesses, our civic lives, and our personal lives.

With that in mind, Warren Berger (author of the “Beautiful Question” books), in partnership with leading authors, organizations, and programs focused on questioning, sponsored QUESTION WEEK 2020 (the seventh year of celebrating super-questioner Albert Einstein’s March 14 birthday), designed to raise awareness of the power and value of questioning.

Questioning shouldn’t begin and end with one week, though.

On this site, you’ll find resources to help you (and your students, co-workers, or family & friends) better understand, appreciate, and practice good questioning all year long.

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Visit our “Ultimate Question Week Wonderwall” to see all the great questioning activity during past Question Weeks!

5 Ways to Participate in
Question Week

Students/teachers/schools   Organize a question-related group activity (or multiple activities!) during Question Week. Here are some suggested exercises/activities. Be creative: feel free to put a fresh spin on an existing exercise—or come up with a completely original one. (And send us your results.)

Parents and families   Some of the same activities and exercises that work in the classroom (see above link) can also be done at home. And here’s another activity, perfect for families: work together on formulating one big, shared “mission question” that family members can all explore and work on together!

Companies/organizations   Designate at least one time during Question Week for a question-related activity. You might do a “Question-storming” session (a great alternative to traditional brainstorming). Or, try tackling a big challenge facing your organization by applying the “Why / What if / How” sequence of questioning. If you’re really ambitious, try coming up with a “Mission Question” for your organization.

Individuals   Question Week is a perfect time to step back and ask yourself some big, meaningful questions—about your life, your work, your passion and purpose. You can use questioning to try to get pesky little things done or overcome big fears. And here’s how you can formulate and then follow your own personal “Beautiful Question.

Everyone   Share your questions! This is the key to making Question Week come alive! Whether you’re a group of students, co-workers, family members, or a solo questioner, you can use the Twitter hashtag #QuestionWeek—as well as our dedicated Facebook page—to connect with other questioners around the world during Question Week. If you’re doing group exercises, share the results—including photos taken at your Q-storms, lists of questions generated, favorite question of the day. If you’ve come up with a Beautiful Question of your own, or a “How Might We” question for your organization or school, tell the world about it.

During Question Week, we feature an ongoing live Twitter stream. Post–Question Week we collect the tweets on our Wonderwall page. Check it out!

New 2020 book for questioning teachers!

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