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These great organizations, websites, and writers all recognize the importance of questioning in our schools, businesses, and communities. So, if you’re curious about the power of questioning, visit these sites, read the anecdotes and testimonials, and follow their social media to learn how questioning can be an important part of your daily life.
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Right Question Institute

RQI-logoThe nonprofit Right Question Institute believes that asking the right questions is essential for educational and business success. RQI has been working for over twenty years to create the simplest, most powerful strategy for formulating questions that can be learned by anyone. Their Question Formulation Technique is a rigorous, step-by-step process for producing, improving and strategizing on how to use questions, enabling people of all ages to think and act in the face of uncertainty.

Learn more about RQI and their initiatives in this article and on their website. And check out their book Make Just One Change: Teach Students to Ask Their Own Questions

Twitter: RightQuestion


TeachThoughtLogoIn the past 7 years, TeachThought has become one of the world’s leading progressive learning brands. TeachThought was founded and is directed by Terry Heick, an author and former classroom teacher interested in rethinking how we think about K-12 teaching and learning. TeachThought is dedicated to supporting educators in innovation in teaching and learning for a 21st century audience. This starts with ideas and resources for K-20 teachers through our site, includes professional development for schools, and extends to our design of school models, learning models, curriculum, technology, apps, and other learning tools through collaborations with other organizations. To learn more about TeachThought, visit and The TeachThought PD Inquiry Page.

Twitter: @teachthought

Ask Big Questions

AskBigQuestionsToronto-fellows-in-t-shirtsCan we change the world through better conversation? Ask Big Questions is concerned with the topics that matter to all of us, regardless of our religious traditions, cultural heritage, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and personal or political beliefs. By having conversations around life’s “Big Questions,” this organization, an initiative of Hillel, creates understanding among people on campus, in the community, and around the world.

3 key blog posts from

Find out other big questions Ask Big Questions has tackled by visiting their website or viewing this brochure

Big Questions Online

BQO logoBig Questions Online, a project of the John Templeton Foundation, aims to explore Big Questions of human purpose and ultimate reality and to foster thoughtful discussion of those topics. On their website, they feature essays by leading thinkers and writers and invite readers to join in an author-led discussion. After the discussion closes, authors will post follow-up remarks to address insights or new questions raised by the conversation.  A few of the past discussion questions were Is Being Good Good for You?, What Is the Difference Between Knowledge and Understanding?, and How Can We Encourage a Sense of Purpose and Meaning Early in Life?

Visit Big Questions Online to read the interesting dialogues around current and past Big Questions.

Wonderopolis is an interactive and free online learning platform that catalyzes people’s natural curiosity into exploration and discovery.

Distinguished by their learner-centric approach, Wonderopolis engages a community of all ages and demographics. Fresh, daily content delivered in the form of Wonders of the Day explores intriguing questions in a variety of ways. Each of the more than 1,600 Wonders includes multidisciplinary activities that provide opportunities to expand learning into related areas and have relevance to all learning levels. Our approach both informs and encourages new questions, sparking new paths of wonder and discovery in family and classroom settings.

Originally created to support at-home family learning, Wonderopolis has been embraced by formal educators across the K-12 range. Its content aligns to current college-and career-readiness standards, the STEM Educational Quality Framework, and higher-order questioning. It is lauded by educators as an engaging resource to teach nonfiction text and vocabulary and addresses the “Four Cs” of 21st century skills (critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity).

Vote on your favorite question in the Wonder Bank:

Websites: Wonderopolis and
Twitter: @ncfl

Leading with Questions

LeadingWithQuestionsLeadership Development Consultant Bob Tiede hosts a leadership blog organized around questioning, and sends out a twice-weekly e-newsletter with insights and anecdotes about the power of questions in business and other organizations. The Leading With Questions blog features curated wisdom from leaders around the globe; ideas to help you multiply your effectiveness times ten; leadership book recommendations; and interviews with thought-leaders, authors, and pastors.

Visit Leading with Questions and sign up for Bob’s newsletter.
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