How questioning changes the world around us

10 breakthroughs that began with a question

QuestionsGalleryIf you’ve ever wondered what a question can accomplish, the answer is: almost anything! In researching the power of questions, I found countless breakthroughs and creations that began with someone, somewhere, asking a question. It’s important to note that these innovators didn’t just ask the question and leave it at that; they continued to work on their questions until, eventually, they arrived at an answer that resulted in something new and original.

Below is a list of 10 “beautiful questions” that led to change; click on each one to learn about the big breakthrough that resulted from that question.

1) Why do we have to wait for the picture?

2) What if we could paint over our mistakes?

3) What if a car windshield could blink?

4) How might we prepare during peacetime to offer help in times of war?

5) Why do I have to pay these late fees?

6) Why aren’t the players urinating more? (Yes, this is a strange one!)

7) If they can put a man on the moon, why can’t they make a decent foot?

8) Why isn’t the water reaching the people who need it?

9) Why did my candy bar melt?

10) What if countries competed on playing fields instead of battlefields?

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